For travelers arriving from countries with registered cases of respiratory infections caused by novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you were in areas with outbreaks of COVID-19 infections, or if you have been in contact with persons suspect for the infection, or if you visited hospitals where cases of COVID-19 have been treated

in order to prevent transmission of the infection, but also to protect your health, you must take following measures:

–   reduce contacts with persons in your household, workplace or public places during the next 14 days,

–  if you notice symptoms of a respiratory infection (fever, sneezing, cough, runny nose, difficult breathing or other), put a mask on your mouth and nose, increase hand hygiene (wash your hands with warm water and soap frequently), avoid contacts with other persons, use a tissue when sneezing or coughing, and make a phone call to responsible epidemiologist of an institute of public health responsible for the territory you’re living in (the list is provided at the end of this document). The epidemiologist will give you instructions for further procedures. We kindly ask you to follow these instructions completely.


For further information, you can call 064 8945 235 (number issued by Ministery of  Health), Institute for Public Health “dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut” (Dr. Subotic Street 5, 11000 Belgrade; tel: 011 2684 566) or any other institute for public Health based in territory where you live in. You can find their contact information here.